Voting Rights Notifications

Please send your voting rights notifications by e-mail to this e-mail address:

Voting rights announcements

As a listed company, we are obliged under Article 40, Section 1 WPHG (German Securities Trading Act) to report and publish voting rights announcements. We publish voting rights announcements via DGAP (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Ad-Hoc-Publizitat mbh).

All announcements on Adtran Holdings

You can find the complete wordings of announcement on Adtran Holdings here: Website of DGAP

Subscription to announcements on Adtran Holdings

DGAP offers the opportunity to subscribe to ad hoc announcements, corporate news, voting rights announcements, total voting rights announcements and directors’ dealings of Adtran and other individually selected companies via the “My Watch List” service. These messages will be sent to you by email or SMS immediately after they have been published on the DGAP website.

You can register via the following link (DGAP website):  My watch list