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Fiscal 2022

Declared Payable Cash Amount Type
05/08/23 06/06/23 $0.09 Regular
03/07/23 03/21/23 $0.09 Regular
11/08/22 11/22/22 $0.09 Regular
08/18/22 09/01/22 $0.09 Regular
05/19/22 06/02/22 $0.09 Regular

Shareholder Structure

Shareholder Structure ADTRAN Holdings Inc.

As of 31 June, 2023

Total amount of shares outstanding 78,688,118 Date
Blackrock 17.21% 29-Aug-2023
EGORA 7.95% 15-Jul-2022
Goldman Sachs 4.67% 4-Aug-2023
Vanguard 5.62% 17-Aug-2022
Morgan Stanley 4.96% 19-Jul-2023
Free Float 59.59%

Please note that the percentage of voting rights and instruments is derived from the relevant voting right notification and has been calculated on the basis of ADTRAN’s total number of voting rights (as published pursuant to Section 41 WpHG) as of the date of the relevant shareholder notification.